Light Show - Kronprinzenpalais

scaffolding tarpaulins, cobblestones, 2017

A site-specific installation created for the 3. Berliner Herbstsalon, Light Show - Kronprinzenpalais used scaffolding sheets in an attempt to trace the path of the sun onto the Kronprinzenpalais garden in Berlin. The installation was changed daily, reflecting a new time of day progressing from morning to evening. 

The act of tracing the sun's path reflects the omnipresent state of construction happening in and around the Kronprinzenpalais. With the rebuilding of the Berlin castle, as well as the Kronprinzenpalais itself, there appears to be a desire to capture certain elements of Berlin’s history. However, the context and controversy surrounding these reconstructions renders the attempt to be somewhat futile, much like an attempt to capture the path of the sun on a given day. While a lasting mark is made, the context inevitably changes, perhaps to the point where people don’t even recognize the original context at all.

 This project was created in cooperation with the MFA Public Art and New Artistic Strategies of the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar and the Maxim Gorki Theater.