Internationale Bauhaus-Meisterschaft - Kunstfest

Collaboration with Jakob Wirth (DE), Sophie Foster (UK), and Denise Rosero (EC)
Theaterplatz, Weimar
August 25, 2018

Link to article in Thüringische Landeszeitung (German)


“How Bauhaus are you? Who is Weimar’s Bauhaus master student? How do you measure yourself against the Bauhaus ideals? We are looking for teams who dare to reinterpret the Bauhaus in different sporting and playful tasks.”

In context with the Bauhaus 100 celebrations, the Internationale Bauhaus-Meisterschaft challenged the citizens of Weimar to live up to the Bauhaus ideals through a series of playful tasks. In turn the event questioned the school’s relationship to its founding city and contemporary culture.

Photos by Cagdas Biber